Lyons at the Gate: Further Adventures of Judge Joe Lyons

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The one you ordered us to bring in. Ever lived in Alima? And that I lived there till not long ago. Tell him that I knew him. And the voice continued talking, as if it was conversing with someone there on the other side of the mud wall. When I grew up and looked for him they told me he was dead.

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They told me he lasted more than two days and that when they found him, lying in a ditch, he was still in agony and begging for his family to be looked after. Things seem to be forgotten as time goes by. You try to forget. He should never have been born. Outside you could clearly hear every word he said. They took everything away from me. They punished me in so many ways. At least let the Lord pardon me. Tell them not to kill me! Immediately the voice from inside said: There he was, slumped at the foot of the post. His son Justino had come and his son Justino had gone and he had returned and now was coming again.

He slung him on top of the donkey. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Lyons at the Gate by Dermot Meagher. Lyons at the Gate: The legal and Constitutional right of gay people to marry is being fought for in an elaborate chess game at the Statehouse and Courthouse on Beacon Hill in Boston, Joe Lyons' very neighborhood and workplace.

While Joe is on a lark of his own in the middle of the court day at the Starbucks at the foot of Beacon Hill, Joe's fantasy, the forty something, sexy and sensible, classically chiseled, hirsute and beautiful, fourth grade teacher Angelo Bruno finds Joe Lyons and brings him romance, love passion and apparent stability. Despite this bliss, Joe still gets in trouble.

Lyon jailed for sex crimes

Wicked Sam Nemesis, homophobe and judge hater, thinks that he has caught Joe lavender handed in a professional and personal scandal that, if true, would bring Joe down in a very public, humiliating and ugly way. In brothels in the area, he was known for his drug abuse and the desire it created. He was also known for thwarted desire. For Lyon, P abuse meant he had an itch no scratching would satisfy, and frustration at his inability would be directed at the women he had hired. There were a constant smattering of charges - police arrested Lyon minutes after he thrust a paintball gun into the face of a man drawing cash from an ATM at 7.

The same month Lyon took a samurai sword and a large hunting knife and went to visit his estranged partner and her two children, going into the house at 6am to find two men in a sitting room. Two headbutts to the face of one man earned him a new assault charge. There was a spell in prison after the community sentence was appealed.

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Sentenced to 15 months in Hawkes Bay prison in , his time was spent lodging numerous papers with the courts in an attempt to get out as quickly as possible. When Lyon was released, he found parts of his fortune had slipped from his hands. It was the first of two such cases. Between the two cases, Lyon slipped further into the grey and murky netherworld in a constant search for that which would satisfy his addictions and desires. From , at least, Lyon had come to prey on the vulnerable. He owned a apartment building called Artizanz in Eden Terrace, filling units with an entourage of the desperate and dissolute.

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As at Omana Ave, although far less grandly, the parties went on forever. There were women - prostitutes - Lyon had known for years and, with them, he used methamphetamine like a leash. For others, he used it to bait a trap. His co-accused, a woman in her early 20s with her name still suppressed, would find girls as young as 14, targeting those grappling with a new-found P addiction. They would be brought to Lyon, who gave them methamphetamine in return for sex.

Detective Sergeant Andrew Saunders, who led the investigation, says: Whatever free will his addicted victims might have had was irrelevant to Lyon, the jury found in the case of one victim. Judge Russell Collins, who sentenced Lyon, said "when she did not willingly provide oral sex , you took what you believed you were entitled to.

One victim in her mids, called "K" in court, was believed by Lyon to have stolen money and drugs. She was taken from the street, "desperate for methamphetamine" and brought to Lyon. There, the court heard, Lyon had her taken to a room he called the "dungeon" where she was shackled with a collar around her neck, fastened to a device which left her hunched and unable to move freely.

Lyon forced her to carry out oral sex for what she said "felt like a couple of hours". At one point, the court was told, she begged Lyon to rape her so it would be over. Lyon told her she was more beautiful when she cried, the court heard. Lyon's "pimp" was co-accused and victim in one, says Saunders. She was also the reason the offending stopped when it did. One day, for whatever reason, she approached a youth aid officer on Karangahape Rd. Mark Lyon was using her to get girls, she said, and "someone was going to die" if he wasn't stopped.

In thrall to Lyon, she disappeared back into his world. That one piece of information would have to be enough. It took police work. A plan was hatched, with a three-month timetable; it took four months to crack.

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There was a raid, arrests, and again, Lyon's signature montage of porn. Then came the difficult task of tracking down victims who would testify. Young girls and working prostitutes, living at the edge of society with methamphetamine addictions, were not willing witnesses. Five complainants showed up at court.

It took two-and-a-half years for the case to come to trial. The victims needed constant support, particularly after some reported approaches from "associates of Lyon" with offers of cash if they pulled their testimony.

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There was never any connection identified between the offer and Lyon. The father of one of the girls agrees, describing his daughter as devastated by Lyon. The father encountered Lyon when he wound up working at the place where his daughter's abuser was receiving rehab treatment. Horrified, he went home, got drunk "and went to take a gun out of my gun safe. I just wanted to go around and shoot him". In a moment of clarity, he rang the police and begged them to come and take his guns away.

I just see him as the devil. He sat there in the Victim Support room, watching his girl leave to testify in court - proud of her courage and terrified at the ordeal she faced.