Kritiker und Gegner von Silvio Berlusconi (German Edition)

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For his Eagle Project, he filmed a documentary pointing out various safety hazards and issues within his community. In he moved to California to work as an editor at political magazine Mother Jones. At the same time the Michigan Voice closed down. The money was used to produce his first mainstream trademark-Moore-style award-winning documentary, Roger And Me.

Other known works by him are the films The Big One and the Oscar-winning anti-gun documentary Bowling For Columbine and his two predecessor-books Downsize This! As said in the introduction, Moore published two works directly aiming to get Bush out of power in the presidential election: The book [5] is structured in eleven main chapters, lead by an introduction and followed by a reference to notes and sources, acknowledgments and a short section about the author. It contains no seditious acts or acts of treason. Each word has been examined and analyzed by a team of terrorism experts to insure that it gives neither aid nor comfort to The Enemy.

The little girl asks him about how our civilization functioned and her great-grandfather tells her how much easier it was then to make a living because there was still enough oil and a working environment around. But since no one cared about the oil an the environment, between and living conditions got worse and even more wars about natural resources were fought so that a big dying among humankind took place and only few managed to survive.

Although it is all written in a funny style with some jokes here and there a flashback is created that shall be an impulse to think about current habits. The next chapter is: Each day seems to bring a new warning. Keep your religious convictions to your own damn selves. He suggests them to exploit the country and its citizens and read out one day. Germanistik - Neuere Deutsche Literatur. Germanistik - Literaturgeschichte, Epochen. Politik - Politische Theorie und Ideengeschichte. Philosophie - Philosophie des Geschichte Europa - Deutschland - Neuere Geschichte.

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Silvio Berlusconi Television,Power and Patrimony

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Michael Moore — a short biography 3. To answer the question whether Obama in his second term will be able or even attempt at all to wrest free from the stranglehold of the multiple layers of opposition to change, we need four more years. Just as back in the day the communist Gorbachev, today, around years after the abolition of slavery, the African American Barack Obama is one of the most persistent favorites of Western Europeans. With critical theory and political precision he navigates through already forgotten landscapes.

We are reminded of memorable inhabitants: Solty examines the changes in political leadership under Obama, social movements in the global crisis, the American Empire and the second crisis presidency. Currently the best analysis of the Obama era. He shows with many examples that there is also much to criticize in Obama's United States Solty's main thesis is that Obama has reconstructed neoliberalism in the crisis and is now about to deepen it together with the Republicans. To a Marxist, this apparently sounds like a horrific idea However, it is by no means a superficial and broad-brush analysis.

Instead, it contains multiple statistical evidence and recapitulates the recent historical developments and political events interpreting them from a Marxist perspective. While the attentive reader is already familiar with Solty's texts The reader of this book is asked to put in some 'work'.

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Yet, he or she is widely remunerated with many recognitions and inspiring thoughts - something which cannot be said to the same degree of the rest of the publications out there devoted to the same topic. Zeitschrift Marxistische Erneuerung, No. Krise und charismatische Herrschaft 2. Neoliberalismus und Evangelikalismus in den USA: Desintegration der Christlichen Rechten, Aufstieg einer evangelikalen Linken?

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Neuer Roosevelt oder neuer Clinton? Die sozialen Bewegungen in der globalen Krise 5. Das Scheitern des Obama-Projekts und die Zwischenwahlen 7. Wasserstandsmeldung aus Wisconsin, September 9. Occupy Wall Street Krieg gegen einen Integrationsunwilligen? Fear and Loathing statt Hope and Change: Book pages Publisher: Argument Verlag Hamburg Publication Date: Papy Rossa Verlag Cologne.

Wolfgang Fritz Haug, Ingar Solty et al. Krise und charismatische Herrschaft [The Obama Project. Crisis and Charismatic Rule] more. Supplement of "Sozialismus", Vol.

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American Politics , U. Frank Deppe, Ingar Solty et al. Distel Verlag Heilbronn Publication Date: Considerations on the Political Articulation of the Global Crisis. In , the world is entering the sixth year of the global crisis. In those six years, sparked by the unfolding events, there has developed a burgeoning literature regarding the origins, conjunctures and regional manifestations of the In those six years, sparked by the unfolding events, there has developed a burgeoning literature regarding the origins, conjunctures and regional manifestations of the crisis.

Silvio Berlusconi's 'bunga bunga' problem

In many ways, this debate evolved from long-term disputes regarding the nature of the current phase of capitalism and its periodization monopoly-finance capitalism, post-Fordism, finance driven accumulation regime, financial-market capitalism, neoliberalism, high-tech capitalism etc. However, as Magnus Ryner has pointed out, with a few notable exceptions, the debate has shed insufficient light on the political articulation of the crisis and the interrelations between the political and the economic sphere.

With regard to not only the origins of the crisis but also and particularly the viability of exit strategies from it, the struggles over hegemony occurring during the crisis are essential. Hence, complementing the Marxist and Marxian crisis debate, it is the goal of this paper to shed some light on the political articulations of the global crisis and assess the interrelations between global leadership efforts seeking exit strategies from the crisis and the hegemonic struggles underlying their agencies.

While in looking at the struggle between left and right projects of leadership references will be made to numerous core and non-core capitalist countries, the main focus will be on the two dominant actors in NAFTA and the EU, the United States and Germany, which have shaped the politics of exit strategies from the crisis in North America and the Eurozone. Jul Publication Name: Studies in Political Economy, No. The relationship between capitalism and democracy has historically been a complicated one whose contradictions were reinforced by capitalist crises.

In this context we address the following key questions: In so doing we develop our principal hypothesis concerning the crisis of democracy today: The crisis of democracy in this sense constitutes the principal impasse for sustainable exit strategies from the contemporary organic crisis. Apr Publication Name: Left versus right projects of leadership in the global crisis more. This chapter debates the future possibilities for global order and governance by mapping a political sociology of the current global crisis, and specifically the crisis of neoliberal capitalism.

It looks at the political and class The chapter considers the prospects for several sets of long-term ruling strategies e. These are explored as they are actually being developed by the different right and left agencies of global leadership, especially in the United States and in Germany. May Publication Name: Class and Democracy in the Making of Global Capitalism] more.

Die Frage stellt sich: Ist aus der heutigen Formationskrise bereits ein neuer Kapitalismus entstanden? Beitrag in der Reihe "Der Name der Zeit" zur Periodisierung des Kapitalismus und der Frage, ob aus der Krise bereits ein neuer Kapitalismustyp, ein neues Akkumulationsregime und eine neue Regulationsweise entstanden sind. Gesellschaftsanalyse und linke Praxis, Nr. How the new Constitution will depoliticize Armenian society more. Gesellschaftsanalyse und linke Praxis.

The Green New Deal, understood as a means to reestablishing US hegemony, has failed and given way to a global austerity turn. This has significant consequences for the ability of the US state to fully and hegemonically integrate China US foreign policy faces a dilemma. On the one hand the financial dependence on China rule out direct confrontation, on the other hand the perpetuation of US hegemony depends on averting that the increasing regional integration in South East Asia emerges as a challenge to the US-dominated world economy and its monetary configuration.

The US are therefore pursuing a risky strategy that seeks to achieve its goals through utilizing existing tensions, most notably around the South China Sea, in order to increase US military presence in the region. Jan Publication Name: Krieg gegen einen Integrationsunwilligen?: The article contextualizes the current NATO intervention into the Libyan civil war in the debates about the new imperialism and the crisis of global capitalism. It poses the question as to whether it can be interpreted as an act of Based on an analysis of the political economy of Libya from decolonization to the contemporary Gadhafi regime, it argues that the integration of Libya into the world order of global capitalism had already occurred as an act of free will.

Therefore other reasons must have led to the hesitant decision to go to war. Denouncing the idea of humanitarian interventions, the article argues that in the context of the global crisis mainly three goals are being pursued: Jun Publication Name: Eine "flache Welt" jW, Eine "andere Welt" jW, 2. Jan 2, Publication Name: Oct 10, Publication Name: Die Logik der imperialen Aggression: Handelsabkommen und neue Kriege: The Re-Organization of the American Empire] more.

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Dec 18, Publication Name: Gesellschaftsanalyse und linke Praxis, 6: Es rappelt in der Kiste: Die Welt ist in Bewegung geraten. Es zeichnet sich immer deutlicher ab, dass sich die Politik in den entwickelten Staaten in drei Lager spaltet: Vom Gelingen und Scheitern in Krisengebieten Dialog: Das Debattenheft der Sozialistischen Linken, Nr.

Arbeiterbewegungen und Globalisierung seit [Forces of Labor. Labor Movements and Globalization since ] more. A Journey into the Middle Kingdom] more. The Role of the "West" in the "Refugee Crisis"] more. Konzerne und "Steuermoral" [Corporations and Tax Evasion] more. Oct 24, Publication Name: Er sei kein Reformer, sondern spinne die Krise weiter Er sei kein Reformer, sondern spinne die Krise weiter. Aussenpolitisch steht das Weisse Haus zur Zeit angesichts der Kriegsvorbereitungen gegen Syrien wieder ganz vorne im Rampenlicht.

Sep 4, Publication Name: Radio Dreyeckland; Zip-fm; Radio Corax.