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Welcome to Inspiring Training for Sales. Motivational Speaking If you are looking for an Inspirational Speaker or someone to speak at conferences, in-house and open events, look no further. High Praise Indeed "Rehan has his audience truly captivated with his wise words of wisdom.

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All round great guy! Full of very valuable, highly powerful content that helps you learn more, but is also truly motivational. Everyone who has attended his courses have also said how much they enjoy and benefit from his knowledge, presentation skills and style. I can thoroughly recommend Rehan as a great trainer - and a really nice guy too!

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I have no hesitation in recommending Rehan who always over delivers on his promises every time. I was impressed by how interactive it was. This really benefited me and what I wanted to get out of the session. I learnt so many different techniques that I had not thought of before which gave me a really positive start to setting up a business. A couple of months later I am now fully up and running! I enjoyed getting to know the speaker and his background before the presentation and found him a very gifted man who has a passion for improving the world around him.

Public and Access Services, Library Learning Centre, Bahrain Polytechnic - "Rehan is passionate about bettering the lives and opportunities presented to young people in our society today. He is a self-starter and is willing to go the extra mile to make a difference. Take a look at some of his programmes and prepare to be impressed.

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He is both professional and passionate when delivering his training. On all occasions that I have worked with Rehan, I have received very positive feedback from the clients. I personally enjoyed and learnt a lot from the session. You are a great trainer, I like your training style, and you create a great impression - really keeps the learners actively involved".

I got the feedback from our volunteers who attended your session; They were so pleased that they have even requested for me to arrange more sessions for them. So better be prepared!

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Effective Leadership, led by Rehan, was hands down the most inspiring course I have attended. Rehan was knowledgable and clearly passionate. He was engaging with all members of our group and made me feel prepared to take on the world!

We know that participating in sports and fitness improves our physical health, but we often forget about the benefits to our mental health as well. This follow-your-dreams film highlights just how much sports can boost the self-esteem and confidence of young athletes. You'll cheer for determined heroine Jesminder "Jess" Bjamra, a first-generation immigrant who has one goal: This feel-good flick checks all the boxes: It's a tricky business to try and turn a nonfiction account of one season with a high-school football team into a full-fledged sports movie.

But "Friday Night Lights" combines documentary-inspired filming with the emotional backdrop of the players' lives to make a movie that captures both the true-life detail and the incredible humanity of the athletes. The nail-biting gridiron action will fire you up, but it's the community spirit and support for the players that will inspire you to put your heart and soul into your own sport.

Welcome to Inspiring Training for Sales.

If you think your sweat sessions are difficult, this film just might give you a new perspective. Led by Demi Moore, this action movie about the first woman to join the Navy Seals packs a wicked punch of one-arm pushups, tortuous training and jaw-dropping workouts. Though your own training might only require a tenth of what Moore performs in the movie, the actress' fantastic physique and inspiring fitness will encourage you to tackle that next workout with new determination.

If you've ever wanted validation that it's hard work and determination over talent that ultimately breeds success, "Rudy" is the movie for you.

It's impossible to watch this film and not be inspired to overcome any obstacles placed in your path on the road to fitness. Rudy has neither the grades nor the physical stature or talent to play football at Notre Dame, but he pursues his dream anyway. A fantastic example of the power of persistence and positivity, "Rudy" truly embodies the motto: Dancing can be a fantastic way to get your calorie burn on while having fun, and this movie will inspire you to show off your moves.

Featuring amazing dance-offs and some killer displays of strength and coordination from the cast, the combination of ballet and hip-hop brings the energy to this teen drama. The music alone is enough to get you pumped up and ready to roll, and there are even workout DVDs based on the choreography from the film. Now that you're primed to shake your stuff, it's time to show off your moves at a Zumba or BodyJam class in your gym. Inspiring from beginning to end, this movie is a fantastic reminder of the critical role discipline plays in athletic training.

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For many of us that grew up with the classic film, the line, "Wax on, wax off," still echoes in our minds—a subtle reminder of how focusing on the fundamentals is key to success. With a coming-of-age story that is both poignant and victorious, "Karate Kid" delivers a perfect "kick" of inspiration that lingers long after the movie ends. Look for this banner for recommended activities. Join Active or Sign In.

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