George Eliot - A Short Biography

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Early years

Here she started trying her pen in non-fiction genre. Many of her articles were published anonymously.


In Eliot met George Henry Lewes, a prolific author, philosopher, and critic; who is credited to be a great deal of support for her. Later they became lovers and lived together until the demise of Lewes.

The Life of George Eliot by Nancy Henry - review

This relationship was a source of criticism for both Lewes and Eliot as they never memorialized their union legally. Lewes encouraged Eliot to continue writing fiction.

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People wanted to know about this George Eliot who writes with bitter and cunning intellect. There were many imposters who claimed to be the author; however in the end Marry Anne Evan stepped forward and declared herself as George Eliot. She later said that she did not want her reputation to precede her work and thus chose a male pen name.

George Eliot: Biography

After the success of Adam Bede she continued publishing many successful novels for next fifteen years. Her novels, most famously 'Middlemarch', are celebrated for their realism and psychological insights.

George Eliot: A scandalous life 1/6

George Eliot was born on 22 November in rural Warwickshire. When her mother died in , Eliot left school to help run her father's household. In , she moved with her father to Coventry and lived with him until his death in Eliot then travelled in Europe, eventually settling in London.

In , Eliot began contributing to the 'Westminster Review', a leading journal for philosophical radicals, and later became its editor. She was now at the centre of a literary circle through which she met George Henry Lewes, with whom she lived until his death in Lewes was married and their relationship caused a scandal. Eliot was shunned by friends and family.

Major works

Lewes encouraged Eliot to write. In , she began 'Scenes of Clerical Life', stories about the people of her native Warwickshire, which were published in 'Blackwood's Magazine'.