Ensaio de Poesia (Portuguese Edition)

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In he left Brazil with his large family for the United States, where he remained until his death. There is a Portuguese Studies Center named after him at the University of California at Santa Barbara, where he held his last teaching post. The innovative character and the excellence of his vast body of work are broadly recognized today, but this was not always the case. Sena himself believed that he was under-appreciated in Portugal and, from the vantage of his American exile, he took his revenge in a series of acid attacks against the mediocrity and provincialism of the Portuguese cultural scene.

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It is no wonder that his poetry provoked a certain resistance. Though he was a ferociously critical poet, he would nevertheless dispense with the primer of social realism, and occasionally display the outer signs of surrealism. However, he was much too cerebral to submit himself to the dictates of the unconscious, or to practice automatic writing. But it is curious to note that what tended to alienate him from the successive poetic currents of his times is exactly what the young and influential Portuguese poets of today find so attractive in him.

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He also wrote a novella, dozens of short stories and one powerful novel, Signs of Fire , which presents at once a fresco of Portuguese society during the period of the Spanish Civil War and a detailed portrait of the education of a poet. George Monteiro The wondrous physician , J. The birth of a writer].

Storia del peixe-pato , Empiria, Rome, Vincenzo Barca Arte musicale, Empiria, Rome, Carlo Vittorio French Le physicien prodigieux , A. Theory of literature, particularly the narrative; 6. Brazilian poetry since Revista de Estudos de Literatura. He has served as the Director of the Brown-in-Brazil Program since She has been visiting professor at Brown University and Stanford University She has written a number of studies on Catalan Literature, with special focus on insularity, 20th century poetry Blai Bonet, Andreu Vidal, Perejaume… and experimental writing from the 70s on.

Publicou, recentemente, o livro Marguerite Duras — O cinema da escrita A escrita da voz A voz do cinema. Modernity and the Book of Disquiet Oxford: Ensaio sobre o Livro do Desassossego Lisboa: Tinta da China, Entre os mais recentes: Programou os ciclos de cinema A Palavra contra a imagem?

Like yourself, outcast, shifty. Como se Desenha um Poema: The theoretical apparatus of Literary Studies have been used in research fields that go beyond the literary phenomenon. The METALYRA section brings together essays that aim not only to expand the subject of the Literary Studies theoretical tools to new fields, such as Media and Web Studies, as to explore the research possibilities of intermediality through a theoretical configuration of audio-visual media contents as texts and of its audience as readers.

Caseiro e de trazer por casa: Le mot et le silence: The digital dissemination of fear in music videos: A transdisciplinary textual analysis of two case studies: The world of cinema and the world of photography have invested modern poetry with innovative dialogues which lasted until our days and are yet to be fully apprehended.

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If, from the thematic point of view, the presence of cinema and photography in modern and contemporary poetry is easily recognizable and may acquire several and various facets, the relations that connect poetry to these two other arts through ekphrasis, through the appropriation of new conceptions of the image, or even at the level of the experimentation of new discursive techniques are certainly much more complex.

Considering that the emergence and subsequent developments of photography and cinema have been translated into new techniques of looking, and, consequently, of writing, this file brings together essays which, although diversified in their themes, bear a common nature — their interest for the relations between modern and contemporary poetry and cinema and photography.

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Dimitri Kirsanoff e Herman G. O Cristal da Montanha Fernando Guerreiro Um ano de cinema. Futurismo e Cinema Fernando Guerreiro Salles Obscures Rosa Maria Martelo Is poetry a form of resistance? Or only in certain social, political or cultural contexts?

Ensaio biographico-critico sobre os melhores poetas portuguezes

What does poetry resist and how? The poets from Brazil , Spain and Portugal answer. Silvina Rodrigues Lopes Faca Partilhada Pedro Eiras Forster Damon , Alvin H.

David , Web Theory: Revista Cultural , 26, pp..