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Customers, for example, will almost inevitably have at least some issues with your organization and are actually grateful — sometimes downright relieved — for an opportunity to speak anonymously about it. Within each of these categories are people with different perspectives based on their role and relationship with the Brand and length of tenure — new, mid-term, long-term and departed. The ThinkAudit thereby creates what we call a holographic image of stakeholder opinion a holograph being a three-dimensional image projected in empty space by a series of lasers situated at different angles around it.

It also professes that Brands can be built in one fell swoop. Unfortunately, it takes more than 30 seconds to establish a relationship with stakeholders and earn their trust. As tools of self-defense, Brands allow trusting stakeholders to ignore the marketing activities of other products and services and save mindshare for other, more important things. But when marketers change the message, they risk losing the attention and trust of stakeholders — and the stakeholders themselves.

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While very, very few marketers will ever even come close to running an ad during the Super Bowl, they will all have moments of temptation. Temptation to say something different because their competitors are. Brand equity is created. Brand equity is destroyed. If the experiences people have with your Brand are consistent with those promises, Brand equity — defined as the retained, positive thoughts of stakeholders — gets a boost. Organizations that use their Brand as a central operating principle and who have a Chief Brand Officer — vs.

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I love telling the story of one particular visit to DMD, the very successful retail design company owned by designer David Milne. During my tour, David inspired me with a little sidebar about Apple computers: I always insist that my staff wait for me to open any box with new product we buy from Apple.

I just love their packages. Every graphic, every packing piece is beautiful and well thought out. Everything fits and is presented as a piece of art. Even their Styrofoam is beautiful! And finally, when you unwrap the computer itself, it is beautiful. The whole thing is a wonderful experience. Pink writes in his fascinating book, A Whole New Mind, stories are easier to recall than facts: A mission statement is a statement of facts.

But in an age of hyper-messaging, when we have an infinite number of facts at our fingertips, facts risk losing their power: At 3M, top executives get storytelling lessons. Knowledge management programs at NASA use storytelling. Xerox realized that its repair people learn about fixing different machines by swapping stories with their colleagues — not by reading repair manuals.

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So the company organized these stories into a database, called Eureka, estimated by Fortune Excerpt: Be Distinct Your Brand is unique. Your name should be too.

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Same goes for anything ending in -ia, -opia, —licious or —city, which were inspired by the likes of Expedia, Fruitopia, Bootylicious and Travelocity, but have now been done. If you have any names like these on your shortlist, cross them out or risk sounding stale and contrived. This could present legal issues if you operate in the same industry or jurisdiction as your twin, but the challenge is even greater than that. For example, now that we have the Internet and Google, people will find out that your ad agency in Ohio has the same name as an ad agency in Alberta one that might even rank higher than you in search returns.

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I mean, when you tell the story of the automobile, you start with Ford. They invented the category. The name of the guy running the company is right on the car.

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Who else has a story like that to tell? Some of this has been achieved by looking to the past — for example, by introducing a retro styling for their legendary Mustang. The idea so connected with consumers that the other American automakers piled on. Chrysler copied Ford and brought out a retro-styled Dodge Charger. What a horrible mistake. Message to CBO Mullaly: At your fingertips are a bunch of great Brand positions to choose from: Many of you have foliage that is withering or downright departed.

Instead I stepped out of my car to find a lawn that was, in the golfing vernacular, a dog track. Did it help them land the job of seeding every field for the World Cup of Soccer in South Africa? For the passengers of one particular airline, the storm was especially brutal. That airline was Jet Blue Airways, a Brand with one of the very strongest reputations for customer service in an American industry extremely short on stars. For reasons not at all clear, Jet Blue was unable to do so much as roll up some stairs and let these poor people — hungry babies and all — off the damn planes.

Your Brand must be strongest when it is under the greatest threat. Perhaps the change is not necessarily tech-inspired; new consumer taste trends may be affecting your industry, such as the wave of organic and locally-sourced preferences in the food industry. However, as your company grows, a more deliberate branding effort could go a long way to make the company appear more professional.

After many years in business, your branding may not feel as contemporary as it should. Consider which level of branding makes the most sense, based on the why of branding that you determined above:. This is a lighter and more targeted effort.

How to successfully rebrand: a strategic and tactical guide

Instances where a simple refresh makes sense: This is a wide-reaching, high-effort brand overhaul. A spacious and modern environment with healthy food options were a better fit for the European clientele. Being clear about the scope of the rebrand upfront is essential to efficient planning, budgeting, and resource allocation. To tell a brand story that is worthy of your company and resonates with your client is not an easy task. Rebranding is not just about a new logo or website, but about the entire look and feel of the brand that you reflect to the world.

A new, fun mascot logo would clash with the more serious voice in website and social media, so consider these constraints. Before you toss everything, consider what may already be working well in your brand. Typically, you may want to keep at least your company name. The goal here is not to be bleeding-edge i. Involve key stakeholders from the start to get their buy-in and feedback. Involve all departments of the company—leadership, business, design, engineering, marketing—and use this as an exercise to strengthen the company culture. You can even involve your customers by asking their feedback via polls on different branding elements, such as logos or taglines.

Throw in a giveaway to the poll to increase participation and engagement! A rebrand, especially one that completely overhauls your look-and-feel, can be a very effort- and time-intensive process.