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Even after knowing that her days are numbered and she may not be able to get past her 13th birthday, she bubbles with life.

The Adalia Rose Show (@adalia06) • Instagram photos and videos

She has created many videos which prove she has taken all the problems in her stride and is ready to enjoy life to its fullest. The videos have not only made her famous but have brought to the notice of many people how to cope with a situation from which recovery is almost impossible. By using this site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. Privacy Policy Manage Cookies.

Identify Actors By Childhood Pics. How She Became Famous. The disease that afflicts Adalia Rose is a very rare one and very few children suffer from it. Adalia caught the eye of the people on the social media when her condition first came to light. After this they start to show signs of aging at a very fast rate. Soon they take on the appearance of a very old person.

The same thing happened in the case of Adalia but it did not stop her from being vocal about her disease. JOT's manufacturing robot platforms are modular in design and include customer- and product-specific modifications.

Software Projects

However, the user interface customizations have previously been costly to create and maintain, since each robot cell had its own embedded user interface computer. Hundreds of software engineering hours were required to separately customise the user interface of each robot cell. Maintenance of the customized software solutions after they had been shipped around the world was equally challenging and expensive.

Adalia created a new technology vision as a consultancy assignment. Within three months Adalia released the new vision, documenting a new user experience architecture for JOT robot cells and outlining a cloud-based electronic service platform - aligning fully with current product requirements as well as with the future visions of customers. BrainCare is a Tampere University of Technology spin-off company founded in Their mission is to deliver personalised solutions to improve the quality of life for epilepsy patients.

BrainCare is combining a digital epilepsy diary application with a novel implantable EEG electrode to better monitor severe epilepsy patients. Patient-generated data from the diary app is shown alongside the EEG activity, enabling doctors to provide better treatments for their patients.

US girl Adalia Rose was born different - and she owns it

The application is already being tested in clinical trials in Finland. Adalia is BrainCare's technology partner in developing a novel mobile application and supporting solutions for long-term monitoring.


Adalia has provided the web-based EEG app and the secure cloud platform, as well as tools for analysing the gathered data. The concept was subsequently copied by competitors, who added biofeedback systems to further aid the rehabilitation process. David had to quickly design a system that could provide measurement functions, biofeedback, and quality control. By making use of Adalia. Its ease-of-use is unmatched and the full networkability of the system has given David a competitive edge over its competitors.

CVdb is not merely an internal back-office system, but also a front-end encountered by thousands of consultants seeking to work at NIRAS. Our core focus is the improvement of your business. Read more Contact us. Software Projects We are specialized in designing and implementing modern web, mobile and tablet user interfaces and backend systems.

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Sometimes there's days where she says 'I wish I was taller, I wish I had hair, I wish I looked like everybody else, I wish I could do what everybody else can do. I didn't realise what life was until she was born," her mum added. They have constant comments of how she's inspirational and how she doesn't let anything stop her and they're right. She loves those comments. Sign into your NZ Herald. On the go and no time to finish that story right now?

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