The Secret Providence of God

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Castellio met the great reformer in Strasburg and in lodged with Calvin and in following Calvin's return to Geneva was employed as rector of Geneva College. Yet, several run-ins with the Genevan authorities, and strong methodological differences over how Scripture was to be translated separated the two and resulted in Castellio resignation in By Castellio was an open enemy of the Genevan authorities openly condemning them for persecuting heretics.

By , Castellio was in open conflict with Calvin himself over Calvin articulations of predestination and providence in both his Institutes and his Concerning the Eternal Punishment of God. This book, The Secret Providence of God is the account of this debate.

The Secret Providence of God

Yet, the history of that debate is hard to nail down. Calvin's repudiation what this current book contains of Castellio is accompanied by 14 essays that challenge Calvin's view of predestination and providence. Also included is Calvin's articulate and thorough response.

For those seeking a deeper understanding of Calvin's preeminent and defining doctrine, this is the book. It not only rearticulates what is found in the Institutes, but develops it further in light of the common objections that have always followed his doctrines, both during the Reformation and today. For a time the two men worked together in Geneva. But they drifted apart both in terms of their friendship and also theologically.

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Castellio especially came to dislike Calvin's teaching on the absolute sovereignty of God. The letter took the form of fourteen articles on predestination supposedly drawn from Calvin's works, together with a point-by-point rebuttal of the Reformer's views.

Calvin was stung into action on reading Castellio's manuscript. He entered the fray to defend his teaching on the providence of God. Calvin argues his case with vigour and clarity, constantly appealing to the teaching of Scripture in support of his views. He had written prolifically and his works had been widely circulated--and critiqued.

It was at this time that he penned an answer to a critique of his position on divine providence, as articulated in the edition of the Institutes. His polemical defense of his beliefs, The Secret Providence of God, reflects the boisterous, argumentative tone of the Reformation era and is Calvin's fullest treatment on this most important doctrine.

The Secret Providence of God - eBook

Unfortunately, in recent decades this work has been largely forgotten. With this new English translation of Calvin's work, editor Paul Helm reintroduces The Secret Providence of God to students, pastors, and lay readers of Reformed theology. Translator Keith Goad has modernized the English while preserving a Latinized translation style as far as possible. Helm has provided a full introduction, discussing the work's background, content, style, and relation to Calvin's other writings on providence.

The Secret Providence of God

His theological works, biblical commentaries, tracts, treatises, sermons, and letters helped establish the Reformation throughout Europe. Calvinism has spawned movements and sparked controversy throughout the centuries. Calvin began his work in the church at the age of 12, intending to train for the priesthood.