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In Walking Home Ground , Robert Root treks in the footsteps of those naturalists, creating a successor volume to their observations about the landscapes of "America's Dairyland.

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Elland Road has been Leeds' home ground since but the club sold their stadium in , signing a year lease with a buy-back option. Leeds repurchase home ground Elland Road. Compton will enter his 16th Test, on his home ground , under more pressure than ever to ensure it is not his last. Compton backed to come up with runs. Sources close to Mudgal said that Test skipper Virat Kohli was so happy to see the match being played at his home ground and Mudgal making sure that every small thing falls in place that he congratulated him when the two met at the practice nets adjacent to the main ground.

Kohli congratulates Mudgal on show. This will probably remain forever on my "currently reading" list as it resembles an almanac or set of encyclopedias If you spend time out of doors then you should own this book. If you don't, but you enjoy good writing or are a This will probably remain forever on my "currently reading" list as it resembles an almanac or set of encyclopedias If you don't, but you enjoy good writing or are a writer yourself, you should own this book.

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It delves into the subtleties of our landscapes and forces you to look a little deeper at the natural world as you drive to the post office or take a hike. Aug 04, Yaaresse rated it really liked it Shelves: I really have no idea how to rate or even shelve this one. I admit that I didn't read all of it.

It's just not the kind of book you can sit down and read through. I thought it might be like MacFarland's Landmarks. It's almost as good as Landmarks in some ways, but very different format and style. Let's go with "reference book. All kind of geologic, geographic, and habitat here as described by many, many writers from many different genres. It's geek week for bibliophiles and geography nerds.

Also, I had the library hard copy edition, which is bulky, weighs half a ton and has preposterously small, hard to read font given the size of the page available. So, no, not a format conducive to marathon reading, although the weirdly short loan period dictated by my library for this book doesn't allow for stretching things out. What's with that, Local Library Gods?

You usually give me three weeks. So, yeah, I admit it, I skimmed and cherry-picked this one. I thought it was good enough that my inner geography nerd wants to spring for the e-book version--and I pray that someone with some sense did the formatting because otherwise all those lovely sidebars and illustrations will be a navigation nightmare.

For a "sit and enjoy," I can't rate it more than two stars. For a reference book, it's a solid four stars. I don't typically review books that I've not read all the way through, but this is certainly an exception worth making. This is basically an encyclopedia of geographic terms described by the literary world.

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As such, it's not the sort of book you sit down and read cover to cover. It is, however, entertaining to the point that you find yourself wandering across the pages, reading each entry as though it were Per FTC guidelines, I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads giveaways. It is, however, entertaining to the point that you find yourself wandering across the pages, reading each entry as though it were something you were passing on the highway or in the woods. Not only is each entry accurate, it is created by a person with a literary background, and often times contains a quote from another literary source as an example.

As a geographer, I found this "nearly pocket-size" guide to be fascinating.

Home Ground

Apr 17, George Seaton rated it it was amazing. A wonderful book, especially for those who write about the land, about the American landscape. Those passionate about traveling rural America, and actually knowing what they're looking at, and reflecting upon those who have seen the same sites, and have written about what they've seen, well, this is an invaluable resource. Indeed, from the work--where authors and poets describe the American landscape, comes Lopez himself: It is inaccessible to the analytic researcher, invisible to the ironist.

To hear the unembodied call of a place, that numinous voice, one has to wait for it to speak through the harmony of its features--the soughing of the wind across it, its upward reach against a clear night sky, its fragrance after a rain. One must wait for the moment when the thing--the hill, the tarn, the lunette, the kiss tank, the caliche flat, the bejada--ceases to be a thing and becomes something that knows we are there. Aug 24, Devin rated it it was amazing. To say that I am finished with this book would be a lie.

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A wonderful collection of contributions from a variety of poets and authors on the terms used to describe nature across the American landscape, I can only say that this is magnificent. This guide is exemplary for those who write of the American landscape, for those who have traveled the regions and wish to bathe in the poetic description of these natural wonders, or for those wishing to travel the country and soak in its natural beauty.

I i To say that I am finished with this book would be a lie.

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I immediately purchased a copy of this invaluable work following its return to the library. I look forward to continue consuming what it has to offer as it becomes a staple within my book collection. Feb 26, Kristen Gunther rated it it was amazing. I do want to clarify that I have not read all of this cover to cover.

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That would be impossible, since I've owned it for less than 48 hours. However, I am totally enchanted with it -- the conceit, the execution, everything. The intro is wonderful, the quotes are wonderful, and every time you flip through a section it's like getting all these little gifts in the form of dispatches from X phenomenon, Y term, Z creek slang.

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A reference book in the best sense. Jan 29, Patricia rated it it was amazing Shelves: I didn't read straight through and didn't read the whole thing.

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